NEWS FLASH: Cayman Earthquake Makes News Thanks to Jimmy Rollin's Cayman Beach Wedding

Many people in Cayman were scared this morning as an earthquake reading 5.8 on the Richter scale shook Grand Cayman. Windows rattled, and buildings swayed but it was all over in 20 secs or less. Afterwards, people who had been outside and those in their cars said they hadn't felt a thing. Those of us inside, did get a bit shook up and headed outside, phones in hand, to check on family and friends. Perhaps because of overload, phones did not work for several hours.

News finally began coming through over Facebook, and Rooster 101.9 's CrossTalk with live hosts Gilbert and Austin who stayed on the air to take calls and give reassurance. Luckily for us, there were no reported injuries or damage to homes a that we have heard of so far. A large sink hole opened up at Pirates Lair condos and the residents there were evacuated until a structural assessment of the damage could be done.

News of the quake was picked up by CNN, and by this evening there will be more coverage since the Phillies short-top Jimmy Rollins is in town, with many of his teammates expected to arrive over the next few days.

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