Stormy Weather Behind This Couple's Cayman Beach Wedding

This morning's ceremony for a resident couple was scheduled for Smith's Cove, but when we arrived we found that the whole area had been scheduled for road works, paving etc. which began today. It was just as well, since it was a rainy morning and Smith's Cove has no shelter.

We all moved down the road a bit to Dart's Park, which has lots of shelter. You will see the scene which greeted us below, the waves were very high, and it was quite windy.

We stood under one of the cabanas for the ceremony

Saying their wedding vows

I always say to the Groom, "You may kiss your wife!"
After signing the Register, the couple are presented with their Certified Copy of the Marriage Register

Dart's Park is another popular spot for residents and locals to be married. If you have been residing on the island for 15 days you must be married under Banns of Marriage. Banns of Marriage state all the details of your marriage application, and must be posted for 7 clear days so that anyone wishing to object to your marriage may do so. In reality, there are seldom objectors. In the wedding ceremony there is also a section which gives objectors one last chance to speak out. This is one of the questions required by the Cayman Islands Marriage Law (2009 revised).

Should you wish to know more about the legal requirements for being married in the Cayman islands, please call the Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners office which is located at 306 South Church St, George Town, Grand Cayman. Call (345)9499933.

Cruise and stay-over visitors must be married by Special Marriage License. Your SML is normally applied for by your Marriage Officer, who certifies that all the details are correct and you are free in law to marry.

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