Happy Easter from your Cayman Islands wedding planners

Someone asked me today if I had lots of Easter weddings, and they were surprised I said we were closed for Easter. Yes, we are closed for the 4 day weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday. We do the vast majority of our wedding ceremonies on the beautiful beaches of the Cayman Islands. Unless you live in Cayman, you can't understand the phenomena that is Easter weekend.

My Secret Cove

During the long Easter weekend, the residents of the Cayman Islands go camping along the beaches. It means every square foot of this gorgeous pink sand will be covered with tents, tarpaulins and sleeping bags. There will be barbecue grills, and bonfires going, fishing lines in the water, everyone who has a boat will be launching it and going to Stingray City. There will be powerboat races, and water-craft races, Easter-egg hunts, domino tournaments and lots of music. It is a time for people to bring their families and relax and enjoy the wonders of the islands where we live.

The water around the Cayman Islands is crystal clear, and clean, making it ideal for diving, snorkelling or just playing around in the water.

The cruise ships anchored off Hogsty Bay can be seen from Seven Mile Beach. This shot was taken from Mary Molly Hydes beach in West Bay.

There are many little coves along the shore-line which can become intimate spots for a quiet beach wedding.
Taken from one of the condos along Seven Mile Beach

The very popular wedding spot, Smith's Cove

Sunset off Seven Mile Beach
There are several sunset dinner cruises you can take following your ceremony, or you can have your wedding performed on a boat.

Sunset off Cayman Brac, one of our two sister islands
Sunset over the North Sound, we were coming back by boat from a wedding at Cayman Kai

Night falls, taken from the Cayman Castle in East End, Grand Cayman

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of some of the most beautiful parts of the Cayman Is. We want you to enjoy Cayman at its best, and we also respect our residents right to enjoy a traditional Caymanian Easter at the beach. We'll be back next week with lots of weddings, and until then, have a safe and Happy Easter from Joy and Peggy at Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners. Call us at (345) 9499933 or email us at mywedding@candw.ky to celebrate your Cayman wedding.