Favourite Spot (5) Natural Arch at the Governors

Oops! I forgot this was a thumbnail picture. My children enjoy my blog, and couldn't believe I had put it together on my own since I am known to be "technically challenged". I wanted to show you my favourite spot at the Governor's Beach, which is a public beach near to the Westin Hotel. Unfortunately many of the bigger hotels are now charging quite a bit to use their beach for a wedding, as an independent wedding planner we can't use hotel beaches unless we're conducting the ceremony for one of their events. Smaller hotels such as the Marriott Courtyard and the Beach Club Colony are much more accomodating since they don't have their own "in house" wedding planners.

We get around this, and save you money by using public beaches most of the time. Seven Mile Beach condos work with us, and don't charge for the use of their beach. I don't recommend this beach for Saturday or Sunday as it is packed with sun-seekers but during the week it is a good choice.