Small Touches Create a Memorable Cayman Wedding

This New Jersey couple staying at the Westin Casaurina Resort last week were a wedding planner's dream to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted for their Cayman Wedding, and were very involved with every aspect of the planning. As a result, their sunset wedding at Smith's Cove was very special.

Their day stated out with a photo shoot at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. They had come over to the Governor's Beach the day before to watch me do another wedding, and met their photographer Luis Vallecillo. This was a good opportunity for them to talk with him about their photography requirements at both locations, the Park and the Cove.

The Cove was very crowded so we had to climb far out on the rocks to get a quiet spot.

Swarovski love birds hold the wedding rings atop the cake.

The Bride and Groom brought their cake decoration from home, denrobium orchids completed this beautiful picture.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Cayman Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, wedding cake by Treats Restaurant, photography by Luis Vallecillo.

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