A Wharf Wedding is an excellent choice!

The Wharf Restaurant in George Town is an excellent choice for a wedding where there is a fairly good sized group. The Wharf has its own very private beach, which is free of cost once you are having your wedding lunch or reception on the property.

Here is the set-up for a wedding today, where the group of 50 were visiting on the "Enchantment of the Seas"

The Wharf's proximity to George Town increases its appeal in terms of moving a large group of people from the harbour to the restaurant.

This bride flew in her own florist and flowers. Here is the sea-shell themed bridal bouquet with orchids, hydrangea and a pearl cascade.

The Matron of Honour was dressed in sea-foam green and carried this bouquet of orchids and garden roses imported from France.

I incorporated the Unity Sand Ceremony into the proceedings, using black and white sand for the bride and groom. I poured the foundation with Cayman sand scooped from the beach in one of my favourite trumpet shells, and topped off the Memory Vase with a bit more Cayman sand before I sealed it for them to take back home.

Chair decorations were orchid sprays, grass and hydrangea accented by a large shell.

I thought this was a good shot of the beach. In the distance you can see the Jolly Roger, a favourite party boat.

The lovely bride posed with her mom and dad after the ceremony.

The Wharf is just one of over 200 excellent restaurants in Cayman. You can find location, menus and prices at Cayman Restaurant Guide. A restaurant can be a good choice when there are elderly guests with decreased mobility. In the case of the Wharf, a private beach and an excellent restaurant is a winning combination. I will officiate at a wedding at any of the Cayman Islands superb restaurants. Call me today to arrange your own unique wedding celebration, (345) 5256551 or (345) 9269933.