Scottsdale Couple Make the Most of a Grand Cayman Wedding!

This Scottsdale AZ. couple were staying at Morritts Tortuga with their good friends, but picked Blue Water Beach for their sunset wedding. Unfortunately, we have been having a lot of wet, blustery weather and the sun did not make an appearance. Nonetheless, their happy smiles lit up the overcast sky, and we made the most of what little light there was to get the ceremony done, and even some fun shots.

Always great to have your good friend along as Matron of Honour!

Holding tight as the champagne cork gets set to fly.

And here's to you, Mr and Mrs Elmer!

Thanks to the rain, the beach and sea were deserted for this post-ceremony stroll.

This was the first time I used my new Wedding sign - it says "Wedding Today" and I use it to reserve our spot on the beach if we're using a public beach.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Cayman Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, photography by Marcus Montana. Call me to reserve YOUR wedding in Grand Cayman today