Smoothing True Love's Path at My Secret Cove

This was a most unusual occurrence, a genuine walk-in wedding. I was at home having my new kitchen cupboards fitted, when I got the call around noon from the Reef Resort in East End to say they had a couple who wanted to be married. Since I had only one wedding slot left for the day I told them to come on down to my house and I would make it happen around 3 p.m. Now considering that the Reef is an hour away, and they had to come to George Town by taxi, this was cutting it close, but nevertheless I thought we could get the application for the Special Marriage License in by 3 p.m. when the government office closed for the weekend.

So along came this lovely couple from Oregan, Groom is a police-man ( I have a soft spot for policeman, and some of the best weddings I have ever conducted have been for policemen eg Maniacs, and Glorious) Bride is a Court Officer. When I heard their story I was even more keen to do their wedding.
Can you imagine the Bride shipped her wedding dress by courier, and almost two weeks later it still had not arrived! Since this couple arrived on 8 November which was literally in the middle of Hurricane Paloma, I can understand (a bit) how the dress went astray. Anyway the Bride bought her outfit in the hotel's gift-shop and the hotel sent out an SOS to yours truly to make it happen before their Sunday a.m. departure.

I thought the best thing I could do was to take them to My Secret Cove, which as you know is a very special spot, and I haven't used it for some time.

Well and truly married, and here's the certificate to prove it!

Sealed with a kiss! I don't think this couple will forget what turned out to be a quite adventurous wedding day.

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