Deserted Beach Wedding for Alabama Couple

This couple, a graphic artist and graphic designer from Alabama had originally planned a wedding on Owen Island, a small deserted cay off Little Cayman. Of course the passage of Hurricane Paloma put paid to this plan and they ended up staying at Villa Azure in beautiful Cayman Kai. They found this quiet spot right down the beach from their villa.

Such a beautiful bride. My little camera hardly does her justice.

The bride assembled her bouquet from beach blooms gathered near their villa.

We did it shot. Send me some more photos, I know you got some good ones and most of mine didn't come out. My hat is fine, after getting blown off into the sea. It was a very windy day, today, this beach appeared quite protected as we could see white-caps on the other side. Coincidentally, one of the witnesses Elizabeth was also celebrating her 6th wedding anniversary today.