Fun in the Sun, Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

I hope you enjoy these new pictures, from a new photographer Dubadah pictured below with the bride.

This wedding was shot at Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman at 5:30 pm

Bride and Groom making their mark in the sand

Umhhhhh! It's all over now, and I told you not to be nervous

What Bride doesn't like pink, this bouquet was spectacular.

Unusual ring shot!

Different photographers like different shots, I like these shots up on the rocks above the cove.
Photographers enjoy the colours and textures of this scenic spot, very popular for weddings

This was a very simple arch hung with gauze, but a great effect for a tropical wedding.
Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, flowers by Celebrations, photography by Dubadah Boldeau. Call me for your own fun wedding in 2009...(345)5256551 or (345)92MyWed