"Mini-moons" popular with younger couples

It seems that the two or three week honeymoon is becoming a thing of the past, with many younger couples wanting to combine their wedding and honeymoon over a 5-7 day period. One easy way to do this is to have your wedding while you're on a cruise.

Grand Cayman is a popular cruise destination which offers "same day" weddings, and it couldn't be easier. In order to be married you will have to have a "Special License", your wedding celebrant can organise this while you see some of the sights or do some shopping in down town George Town.

Just because you want something simple, doesn't mean that you can't do a stylish and elegant wedding with a minimum of fuss. Fortunately the island has many professional wedding planners and excellent vendors.

Typically you will have about five hours on the island, so you want to be sure everything is decided and arranged before hand. So its important you plan your day to get the important things done first.

I tell my couples to arrange with the ship to get off on one of the first tenders. A tender is the smaller boat which will bring you from the cruise-ship to the dock, as there are no cruise-ship docking facilities on the island at the present time. Once you are on terra-firma, you meet with your wedding celebrant/planner first, so your documentation can be taken to the Government Administration Building and your Special License can be processed.

If you have been married before, you MUST bring your original divorce papers. If you have been widowed, then the government needs to see your former spouse's death certificate. You must also bring your passport and the ship's card you are given for re-boarding.

Ladies, if you want to get your hair done, I suggest you do this on land. I have had brides opt to get their hair done on board ship, and this hardly ever works out. Your hair might look good, but you will be frazzled if there are any delays. Far better to get your planner to recommend a hair-dresser near the wedding site.

When you're planning what to wear for the ceremony, remember you're on a tropical island, where most cruise weddings take place outdoors. Wear light, loose clothing which will keep you cool, but still look attractive. Bring your wedding outfit with you, don't think you will find it here, and then get disappointed. Don't dress on the ship, most planners will have facilities where you can dress and do your make-up before the ceremony. If you want to go back to the ship in your wedding finery, fine...looking picture-perfect for your photographer is less important then.

After your wedding, make sure your celebrant/planner will send you the Registered Copy of your Marriage Certificate. This is the legal document you will need when you get back home, so you want to be sure its taken care of in a timely manner.

So, it's 3 pm local time...you'll be boarding your tender to get back on the cruise ship, let the honeymoon begin!