Walking the Plank at this fun Cayman Wedding

This weekend a north easter came in making it windy all around the island and I thought this Canadian realtor and her Austrian husband-to-be who were planning a wedding on board the "Jolly Roger" might find themselves land-locked. Not at all, I got the call that we would be embarking at the Spotts dock, the plan was going ahead.

A quick pose at the Spotts Welcome Centre before getting on the tender. The bride is carrying a bouquet of white dendrobiums and cranberry orchids with pink star-gazer lilies from Celebrations.

Here they are aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship signing all the paperwork.

Although the ocean was choppy there was enough Veuve Clicquot to keep the ship afloat.

Will she really make him do it? That water is cold (well, not by Canadian standards) and deep.

Don't argue with the bride in charge, well not until you get back to dry land.

Here goes the bride!

Mr and Mrs in the drink off Pedro, Grand Cayman. Obviously a lot of fun in store for this couple.

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