Fantastic Cayman Sunset Wedding for Tampa Couple

Part of my work as a wedding celebrant and planner is to help couples get the services to make their wedding day really special. One of the things I do is to match the couple with their photographer. Sometimes , having seen a photographer's work on this blog a couple will ask for a photographer by name. Many times I have seen how certain couples and certain photographers just seem to click, resulting in some fantastic images. This wedding was one of those times.

This couple visiting from Tampa were on a business trip at the Ritz Carlton and took the opportunity to plan their wedding, and request Luis Vallecillo as their photographer.

I thought Luis really outdid himself on the composition of these shots.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words. there's not really much to say but that this was an exceptionally lovely event, which I think we all enjoyed.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings for Cayman Weddings, white rose bouquet by Trisha's Roses, photography by Luis Vallecillo. Call today for your Cayman Sunset Beach Wedding (345) 5256551/ (345) 9269933 or email me at