(Ex-Cayman Weddings) 2009 Orchid Show

Despite having a very busy weekend with 5 weddings scheduled, this morning I got up early to go to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park with my friend Yvonne to see the 2009 Orchid Society Show and orchid sale.

This is a Cattleya 24 Karat Lea (according to the tag)

This is Princess Mikasa Pink

Yvonne has an enormous orchid house, and got lots of new orchids today. I provided the transport and morale support.
This is one of the orchid enthusiasts Genevieve Henning with a Paphiopedilum

Part of the Orchid Display held in the Visitor's Centre

Yvonne takes a break with one of the new ones she bought. I was quite surprised at the number of people who were in line when the gates open. Apparently you have to go early to get the best selection of exotics brought in specially for the sale. Part of the fun seemed to be talking with fellow enthusiasts about the orchids you have, and the fine points of caring for these beautiful plants.
Here she is trying to get me to attempt to grow some of the "easy" ones. No luck, I'll go over to her house and enjoy hers. I did learn some names though, of orchids commonly used in wedding arrangements, such as the small red "Ann Blacks"