Cayman Beach Wedding with Unity Sand Ceremony

Today was extremely windy over on the other side of the island. I was glad this chuppah was very sturdy. The wedding planner picked a good place to set-up the ceremony. I am going to write about this quite unusual wedding when I get the official pictures, but I get so many requests for Unity Sand Ceremonies I wanted to talk about this one in some depth.

This couple provided their own sand, and engraved Memory Vase. I am quite happy for you to do this, because particularly in the USA you can get many more colours of sand than I can. The colours being used today were purple for the bride and aqua for the groom. After we had the preliminary meeting to discuss the ceremony and finish the documentation we decided that since both mothers were present they would pour the neutral coloured foundation, and add their blessings. As your Marriage Officer I often do this for couples, symbolising that marriage is the foundation of your new life together.
Once the foundation is poured, then the groom pours a ribbon of his colour to represent his individual life. Then the bride pours a ribbon of her colour to represent the same. Then I ask them to pour the remaining sand together, to represent that their lives once joined will never be able to be separated. Finally I scoop some sand from the beach in a shell and seal the Memory Vase with a natural colour.
The new couple pose with their completed Memory Vase, a tangible reminder of their wedding day in the Cayman Islands.

Call me to plan your own Unity Sand Ceremony for your wedding or vow renewal, (345) 5256551 or There is a small additional charge for the Unity Sand Ceremony, as well as if I provide the memory Vase with packaging and coloured sand.

I will write a special ceremony for you to include speaking parts if desired, for family members or children. Watch this spot for a Cruise Wedding and Unity Sand Ceremony for a family with 6 children coming up in early April!