Cayman Boat Wedding for Saskatchewan Bride

It looked a bit rainy, and while I waited for my bride and groom to arrive I had a visit with Captain Marvin at his home in Governors Harbour. At 93 years, Captain Marvin is as sharp as a tack and kept me entertained with tales of himself as a young man. Captain Marvin's Sting Ray City Tours are famous in Cayman, and he himself is a legend in our tourist industry.

When I have out-of-town guests I always use Captain Marvin's boats, and have done so for many years. In fact while I was talking to him, Captain Marvin told me about one of his guests who had been returning to Cayman for 27 years, and who always used Captain Marvin's , and you can too

So we set off on the "Oh Boy" and headed out into the North Sound. This Saskatchewan bride met her future husband in Cayman exactly 12 months ago, he was working as a boat-captain on one of the dive boats, so you see why they decided on a boat wedding.

Posing with Joy near the very windy prow of the boat.

Lots and lots of champagne followed. The groom is very entertaining, and told me about his early life and how he came to Cayman. All in all, we had a very pleasant afternoon, I certainly enjoyed it very much.

Boat weddings are quite popular with residents especially. Call me at (345)9499933 to arrange your Cayman Wedding on land or sea, or email me at