Your friends' sunset Cayman wedding, Mary

Dear Mary,

I just wanted to write and tell you about the wedding, as I know you are anxious to hear. It took place at the Wharf Restaurant at 6:30 pm, and they had a beautiful sunset. The Bride and Groom wanted to be right down next to the surf. As you can see D was standing by with the rings, in his role as bestman.

The bride's dress was lovely, as was her bouquet of yellow roses from Trisha's Roses.
Lots of kissing took place, and lots of photos were taken of these kisses. Shortly after this the Bride asked "Where's Mary?" Some bright spark announced that Mary was eating, and I wondered who this rude person was that had started the Wedding Dinner when the ceremony wasn't even over. But then somebody else said that you would be getting off work just about now.
As you can see, they were a very happy Bride and Groom. They each spoke to each other (D held the prompt sheet!) and the Groom's words were so touching they made me cry. I guess you know their story, and although I have just met them I am sure they will be very happy together.
To tell the truth, they kind of forgot to bring you to the ceremony, but they did bring you to the signing the register part, and there will be many pictures to prove it. Here is D holding you so you can get in the picture. I thought the "Friend" picture frame was a nice touch. I am sure you will have a place of honour at the dinner table, and I hope you enjoy the rest of festivities which
will no doubt continue over the weekend.

You have a great group of friends, and they missed you very much, so I'm sure your ears are ringing. Tell them to come back to Cayman in a few years for their Wedding Vow Renewal, and this time, be sure and come!



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