New York to Grand Cayman or vice versa is really easy

Last week I was on vacation in the USA visiting my daughter and having a quick trip to Atlantic City. So this blog entry is not about weddings, however, if you live on the east coast it is remarkably easy to fly to Cayman and have a simple wedding or vow renewal this summer.

The best part is that Cayman Airways offer a lot of specials such as the Kids Fly Free programme, which makes the Cayman Islands a quick and easy get away from JFK terminal one. You leave New York at 8:30am and by 11:30am you are in Cayman. This is the first time my husband and I took this flight, since normally we fly Continental into Newark, or we fly into Philadelphia, but we really wanted to try the Cayman Airways flight and we were not disappointed. The return flight gets you in to JFK at 9 pm but its summer so its still light.

The view of NYC and the riverwalk from our balcony

Sunday brunch with friends in Edison, NJ

Fantastic Malaysian meal with family in Hoboken, NJ

So, this is how I spent my summer vacation, eating fancy meals, shopping with my daughter and doing the kind of stuff that my US clients may take for granted, ie eating frozen custard on the boardwalk (first time), going to a farmer's market to get fresh corn, and everything else and then coming home and cooking up a storm. My daughter is a more inventive cook than I am, but when we're cooking together I like to experiment.

Yes, I got a new hat, No 52 I think it is. I gave a few to my sister, so my count might be off a bit.

I am looking forward to lots of weddings, starting with an all-inclusive cruise wedding tomorrow, which I plan to blog. Then of course the wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica which I am really looking forward to (new hat etc.) and a couple of special resident weddings for people I consider friends.

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