Really simple Cayman Wedding for West Virginia couple

This young couple are living and working on-island, and wanted the simplest of weddings. they will plan a celebration with famiy and friends at home in the DC area, later on. We had them come in to the Simply Weddings office at 3 p.m. when the office is officially closed. We could have done the ceremony outside under the palm trees in the garden, but it was much too hot.

Signing the Marriage Register

The marriage must be witnessed by two people, over 18 they are

The newly-weds with their "proof shot"

And now time for a glass of Simply Weddings Bubbly to get in the celebration mood.

Cayman Islands residents are reminded that their Banns of Marriage must be published for 7 clear days before they can be married. Call the Simply Weddings office at (345) 9499933 to make an appointment for your pre-Banns interview today. You can email us at to request the appropriate Notice of Marriage forms and a fact sheet for residents wishing to be married.