Fevi's Big Day

Many of my readers will remember wedding photographer extraordinaire, Fevi Yu. Many of her images appear on my earlier blogs. During the last year she has been pursuing other business interests in site-engine optimisation, web-marketing and website development with our company Cayman IPortals and its subsidiary E@sy Websites.

(She is now ready to go back to wedding photography in a limited way, and you can request her when you book your Cayman wedding package at Simply Weddings).

Today was a red-letter day for our company as Fevi made a presentation to the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, which was enthusiastically received. She really made site engine optimisation and other geekish things come alive for the uniniatiated.

Fevi at the Westin Casaurina after her CITA presentation

Fevi and Joy celebrating at Yoshi Sushi after the presentation

Yoshi Sushi is my favourite restaurant in Cayman, you have to experience it to believe how good it is.

You can book Fevi, or any of the excellent wedding photographers in the Cayman Islands by contacting Simply Weddings or going straight to their individual websites. Or, you can ask us for recommendations, and view samples of different photographer's work in our new George Town office, phone (345) 949-9933