Stingray City Boat Wedding for Paloma Couple in Grand Cayman

When I turned down a wedding in Little Cayman this weekend to do this wedding, little did I know there was a big Little Cayman connection here too.

This couple met on Little Cayman last November after Hurricane Paloma. The bride is from Saskatchewan, and the groom is from Wisconsin. He was part of a group of linemen sent over by our utility company, Caribbean Utilities, to restore the power to our sister island. They met, they clicked, the rest is history now.

Friends from Little Cayman, Caribbean Utilities and the "guys" teamed up with Captain Roger Parchment and Peacemaker Charters to make this a wedding to remember. We headed out to Stingray City on this 48'Pacemaker Custom Express, and it was a perfect day for a wedding.

Saying the "I Do's"

If you looked down into this crystal-clear turquoise water, you could see the stingrays all around the boat.
Sip, make a wish, and kiss - lots more champagne where this came from

The linemen line up to hoist the Bride on Kaibo beach

Joy, posing with two captains. These are both Capt. Marvin's grandsons, and you know I love Capt. Marvin (92 years) and consider him a Caymanian Icon.

The celebration continued with the Liquid Reception at the Kaibo, where much fun was had by all, marriage officer included.

Chocolate dipped strawberries (the food of love?) on the way back to George Town

The sun sets on another perfect day in the Cayman Islands

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