Recession Proof your Cayman Islands Cruise Wedding

Summer is the time to get fabulous deals on cruise vacations. It is also the time to get a fabulous deal on your Cayman cruise wedding from Simply Weddings.

Grand Cayman is one of the most popular ports on the Western Caribbean cruise. Unlike other ports where a 24-hour residency or a blood-test is required, you can be married in Cayman within 0ne hour of disembarking your cruise ship.

All you need is a government licensed Civil Registrar of Marriages, or Marriage Officer, who will have done the advanced paperwork for your Special Marriage License. Then when I meet you, I get your original signatures and ship's cards, stop off at the marriage bureau and turn in the last part of the documentation and pick up the license, and continue on to the beach to perform your wedding ceremony.

A Cayman Islands marriage certificate is valid world-wide. Within two days of your ceremony, once I have filed your marriage with the Registrar of Marriages, I will send you your Registered
Marriage Certificate. You will recognise this document because it has 'secure copy' on the reverse, while the front of the certificate has all your details, a coloured watermark of the Cayman Islands Coat-of -Arms, and the raised seal of the Registrar General.

Our "no-frills Cayman wedding package" starts at $650 US and covers all the legal requirements of your Cayman Islands wedding. Don't want to spring for fresh flowers, bring your own silk flowers from home. We can work with your budget to ensure a memorable wedding day which you will always remember.

Whether you are coming as just a couple (we provide two witnesses as required by law) or a large group, let Simply Weddings take the stress out of your wedding day. Call today to plan your Cayman cruise wedding (345)9499933.

Recent cruise ship couple pose on the rocks near Smith's Cove, George Town. This popular spot is 2.5 miles away from the cruise ship terminal, which makes it very popular for Cayman cruise weddings and vow-renewals.