Get married in Grand Cayman, see the Video on You Tube, hear the words of the Cayman Wedding Ceremony

My friend Fevi Yu is always telling me I have to put videos on You Tube, so you can see my beautiful Cayman wedding ceremony on the beach . Well, I have just half-way mastered putting pictures on my blog, so I am sure it will be some time before I master putting videos there.

Today when I came home from Mass I didn't have to cook since I am going out for lunch so I was looking for inspiration for a special wedding ceremony I am doing in Jamaica on Wednesday, and decided to check You Tube.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find one of my weddings from last year on You Tube, and the entire ceremony is here. It was Shahriar and Chantal Shahram's wedding in May2008.

Call me for your own sunset beach wedding in the Cayman Islands today (345) 9499933