Residents Choose Darts Park Wedding, Grand Cayman

Caymanians and residents have a great free, wedding location in Darts Park, South Sound. The park can be booked ahead of time, affording couples and their guests privacy. If you like this location, let us know and we can book it on your behalf.

This was a late afternoon wedding in the park, in the amphitheatre. You can get very good sunset shots from this spot .
The groom with his boys, they looked so cute

The wedding party, including the miniature bride

This was my 5pm wedding. Both couples live on the same street, and know each other

I did this wedding under a tree so we could get some shade from the sun. This area of the park is great for different kinds of photographs

I thought this was a good shot, also shows the area well

Residents are advised to book early to avoid disappointment since Saturday is the favourite day for residents to be married. Drop by our Simply Weddings office at 306 North Church St. in the ERA Kirkconnell Realty Building or call 949-9933.