Beautiful Cruise Wedding at My Secret Cove, Grand Cayman

As some of you will know from Facebook, this is a tough time for my family and I as my dad, Vernon Jackson, the founder of Cayman Weddings is ill in Victoria, BC and my mom and brother are with him. While he is improving and we are hopeful, he is a long way from home. In the meantime, my sister and I will take turns going up to Canada to help out.

I am very grateful to all our associates, Rev. Godfrey Meghoo, Rev. Joe Crawford, and Rev. Harold Paramlall all marriage officers, and long-term friends of my family who are helping out and will be conducting the ceremonies next week.

As always, I am also grateful to my wedding coordinator Peggy Moorhead for her love and support, and the excellent job she does at Simply Weddings.

Rev. Meghoo officiates at this cruise wedding at My Secret Cove, last week

This couple from Lacombe, Louisiana were in town last week on a cruise ship, accompanied by the groom's parents. The bride is an environmental scientist with a degree in marine biology, and was excited about the sea-life she saw in the cove, including a baby eel.

IMHO one of prettiest wedding spots in Cayman

The whole group poses with the Special Marriage License and Marriage Certificate
This spot has rocks, and also a little sandy beach with pink sand

This was one of our all-inclusive cruise packages which includes all the legal requirements for a marriage in the Cayman Islands, including the Special Marriage License and the Marriage Officer/Civil Registrar. Also included in this wedding package is transportation, flowers, champagne and photography. Brides may dress in our new Bridal Room before being taken to the wedding location. Call Simply Weddings at (345)949-9933, or email