Surprise Wedding Vow Renewal on Grand Cayman Island

We often get requests to perform a wedding vow renewal ceremony which is going to be a surprise for either the husband or the wife. This is a simple way of commemorating a very special anniversary, and creating lasting memories of an unforgettable Grand Cayman holiday.

This was a 20th anniversary vow renewal with the couple's three children in attendance

In order not to spoil the surprise, I brought the wife's flowers to the beach instead of having them delivered to the condo.
Listening to the beautiful words of the wedding vow renewal ceremony

Steel-pan music added to the ambience of the sunset ceremony

Express yourself! And they did.

Before planning your wedding, or vow renewal check with the manager of your condo to see whether they permit weddings and vow renewals on the beach. Some Cayman condos are very accommodating, some are not, and some charge a fee. Of course, we can always arrange your ceremony at one of the local free beauty spots, like Smith's Cove, Governors Beach, or Mary Molly Hydes beach.

This was one very surprised, and happy wife.

Grand Cayman is an idyllic spot for a romantic wedding, vow renewal or honeymoon. Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman specialises in simple, elegant, and personalised ceremonies suitable for couples and small groups. Call Joy or Peggy (345) 9499933 to book your Grand Cayman Island wedding or vow renewal today or email us at

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