Floridians Enjoy their MSC Cruise Wedding in Cayman

When we arrived at MSC earlier this week the little cove was covered with debris. A couple of days before, while doing a wedding I saw a little canoe pulled up in the cove next to this one, and I wondered if that was a safe place for it. Obviously not, as the waves picked it up and deposited it, anchor and all right where I get my wedding couples to stand.

This Floridian groom was a gentleman, and helped me drag it away so we could proceed with the ceremony. It was rather sad, seeing the demise of the little boat, as many couples incorporated pictures of it into their Cayman wedding photos.

The bride wrapped her bouquet with her mother's handkerchief and I told her I would be sure and mention it, so her mother knew she had been thinking of her.

It was the hottest day of 2010 so far, and some ice cold champagne was just the thing.

The trees in this sea-side park are very old and gnarled, and I like what our photographer, Mari Abe of Island Photo does with them.

This is another favourite pose, from Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

So many couples pose with this iguana! I am going to try and see if I can get a wedding iguana for this popular wedding spot.

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