Simple Grand Cayman Cruise Wedding for Georgia Family

No matter how many weddings I officiate, every one is different and every one has features which brides and prospective brides will want to share with their friends and family again and again. Today's wedding was a close-knit family from Douglasville, Georgia and their wedding took place under the 'natural arch' at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman.

The bride looked stunning in this gown which was very appropriate for a beach wedding. I picked them up at the cruise landing and brought them to our office to dress, while the rest of the group went by tour bus to the wedding location.

One way to ensure that a large group wedding goes smoothly is to have good transportation arrangements for your guests, and to communicate this to them clearly (including the cost, so that everyone knows what to expect).

This was quite a large wedding party. In the background is a private tour bus which we recommend and can arrange, and the Simply Weddings SUV (which seats six)

Every father looks forward to walking his daughter down the aisle, and this is no different for a Destination Wedding (shoes optional!)

Many couples choose not to have an arch or a chuppah, preferring instead to stand under the
'natural arch' formed by the trees at this lovely spot.

We provide a table and linen for the signing of documents, for every beach wedding

This beautiful tropical bouquet of cybidium and dendrobium orchids, lilies, buttons and birds of paradise is a favourite for our cruise weddings. You can take it back to the ship, put it in a glass of water and enjoy it in your stateroom for the duration of your trip.

This beach wedding included a sand-ceremony. To include both mothers in the ceremony and have them lay down the foundation of the Memory Vase is a lovely touch, which mothers, and others who might be asked to stand in for mothers, always appreciate. At the conclusion of the sand ceremony I top off the Memory Vase with some Cayman sand, and a blessing.

At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the whole group went down to the water's edge where they tossed shells with the couple's names and wedding date, into the water. This was the first time I had seen this done, but it was very effective.

Your wedding day should be an unforgettable experience. A little forward planning, and attention to detail can make your Destination Wedding an occasion that your friends and family will remember for a life-time. At Simply Weddings- Grand Cayman
our experienced wedding celebrant and wedding co-ordinator can advise you as to the perfect services and location to suit your small or large group. Call Joy or Peggy today at (345) 9499933 and put your Destination Wedding in Grand Cayman in the hands of our cruise wedding specialists.