The Tropical Spendour of a Cayman Beach Wedding

This Indiana couple were here as stay-over guests at the Ritz Carlton and chose Mary Molly Hydes beach for their morning wedding ceremony.

The "Cord of Three Strands" ceremony indicates that God will have a central place in the marriage
The Groom holds the cords which are attached to a ring, and the Bride completes and fastens the braid.

This was such a happy couple, they made everyone around them happy too.

This couple opted for non-alcoholic grapejuice, but we got them the kind with a cork so I could do the cork ceremony for them.

There are a lot of kissing pictures in their wedding photographs
Big hug for the Maid of Honour
This was a good time of morning for great pictures, and it was a beautiful Cayman wedding day
I liked the slippers, so I wanted to show them to you

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