Welcome to my new website

Today I am going to learn how to post on my new website.  This has been a very busy week, and there are even more exciting weddings coming up next week.  I know my couples look forward to being featured on my blog, so that friends and family can see photographs of their special Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands. This was a stand-out week for many reasons, but chief among them is that I performed my 100th wedding ceremony for the year.

The biggest thing happening at Simply Weddings is of course, our new website which is being developed by Think Like A Bride.  I hope that our website will be very interactive, and that our readers will take the opportunity to ask us questions and make comments about having a wedding or a vow renewal in Grand Cayman.

Next week, on 12th August my husband Sam and I will celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  So as I do, with anything in my life, like my new website, I want to thank my husband for all  the happiness he has given me , and continues to give me for the last four decades.  Apart from that, he is an excellent professional witness, and driver and handyman and helps me in my business in a thousand ways. (You would never know he is an ex-university president!)

So, I hope you come back often and see all the things happening at Simply Weddings.  Just to preview,  next week you will see a wedding taken place at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park,  and yet another at the beach at the Pools, on the beautiful North Side of  Grand Cayman.