Seven Mile Beach on Trip Advisor's Top World Destinations

We just got back from another of the world's top destinations, Lake Tahoe, NV (#10 ) where I spent Mother's Day two miles up, in the cool mountains pursuing my other life (video poker, if you haven't read my profile) My husband and I love to travel, and are fortunate to be able to do it often when we have the time (and I don't have any weddings or vow renewals booked).

I was delighted to see that Seven Mile Beach made #32 in Trip Advisor's Top World destinations. This is great for the wedding business, especially the Destination Cruise Wedding business. This could be you below! Can you see the cruise ships in the background? Call me today and book your cruise wedding in one of the world's "hot spot's". I only do ONE cruise wedding per day, so you can have my FULL attention. Coming, as a stay-over guest, no problem...just more choices for your dream wedding. Call me at (345) 525-6551 or email me at