Wedding Flowers for Your Destination Wedding

Brides differ in what they consider a "simple wedding". Yet, however simple, very few brides forego a wedding bouquet. Wedding flowers, a tangible sign of a celebration, are as popular as wedding rings. Certainly, I get many, many questions about wedding flowers, in particular about "tropical wedding flowers".

Today I thought I would have a look at some of the wedding bouquets in my photo archive and show you some of the more popular ones. Since we use different florists, I am unable to say (i.e. remember) which shop these flowers came from. However, I thought I might give some future brides a starting point in terms of flowers and colours.

(a) Tropical Bouquet with gerberas and lilies: (2) Tropical bouquet with red ginger and buttons:

(3) Tropical Bouquet with Gloriosa Lilies:

(4) Tropical bouquet with anturiums and birds of paradise:

(5) Muted bouquet with orchids, daisies, and carnations

(6) Simple white calla lilies:

(7.) Another choice for a tropical bouquet from "Inspirations"

This is my favourite groom's boutonniere. Remember a matching boutonniere is always included in your wedding floral package.
I can get you most flowers, however they might be special order. Special order flowers need two weeks lead time in ordering. They could also require an additional deposit. Let me know early if you are considering special flowers, to avoid disappointment.