Sometimes you just have to do something special!

This couple, married for 3 years contacted me from Morritts Tortuga where they were staying on a belated honeymoon vacation. They wanted some special memories to take home of their time in the Cayman Islands, and decided to do a wedding renewal.

Sometimes you really have to take time out from the jobs, the kids, and re-connect with the one you love!

A little early in the day for champagne, we beat the heat with chilled sparkling cider.

I liked this shot against the sea-wall on Mary Molly Hydes road a lot.

These are sea-grape trees, providing welcome shade in this lovely spot. Oh yes, those grapes are edible when ripe, and they also make great sea-grape jelly!

Jumping for joy, and having a great and memorable morning with lots of pictures by Fevi and arrangements by Simply Weddings.

And a great time was had by all, I thimk we all went home exhausted after all that jumping around.