"Maine-iacs" turn up the heat on Seven Mile Beach!

Once upon a time there was a policeman and a secretary from Kennybunk, Maine who decided to get married on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. So theygot their two friends who happened to be fire-fighters (and married to each other) and headed south to find some heat.
On the hottest day of the year, at 10am in the morning they headed to Bus-Stop 29 where they had their nuptials performed by none other than yours truly, and photos by Fevi Yu.
Here they are, making it legal! We were glad to get into some shade.
Then the fun started, first they hammed it up...
Then they jumped and jumped....1, 2, 33333333333333!

Then they all jumped, and jumped and jumped.

Then they climbed trees, because I wanted tree-photos to put on my blog.

And then they jumped in the water, in their wedding clothes to cool off..,the Maine-iacs!
This was a GREAT event, with a great couple. everything was perfect (except the heat!)

Here is Lisa's thank-you note, in her own words.

"Zack and I cannot thank you enough for THE most WONDERFUL wedding we could have ever imagined. The location, the ceremony, your words made our day unforgetable. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful memory and will hold your words to heart."

Come back now, you hear...and bring Randy and Carolyn, we'll do a double renewal!