Primera Pareja de boda de Espana

This young couple from Madrid, Spain were "walk-ins" in that they were on their second vacation to the Cayman Islands, staying at Harbour Heights condos, and decided they wanted to
to be married. It was the simplest of weddings, at sunset at Mary Molly Hydes beach.

My husband joined us as one of their witnesses, and we got another witness who was out for a run on the beach to be the second witness.

I did a short civil ceremony. Under our law, I am required to ask two questions "Do you take this woman/man to be your wife/husband?" and "Do you know of any lawful reason why you should not be married to this woman/man?" Apart from these questions, the most important part of the ceremony is the procurement of a Special Marriage License (in advance) and the signing of the Marriage Register.

This couple will require an Apostille attached to their Registered Marriage Certificate. An Apostille is required by most European countries with the exception of the United Kingdom.
I will make the application for the Apostille and mail it to the couple along with their Registered Marriage certificate. Couples from the USA and Canada do not need an Apostille.

The newly-weds celebrate their new status as Mr and Mrs and then they were off to a more liquid celebration at one of Cayman's great restaurants.

Arrangements by Joy of Simply Weddings, photography by "the reluctant photographer, who shall be nameless", cost of package (without Apostille) $650