Cruise Wedding with Family at Alfresco's

Alfresco's is a local restaurant with a sea-side patio I like to use with cruise weddings where there is a group of people. Usually I meet with just the couple, do the documentation for their Special License, get the license, and then take the couple to the wedding location.

It's easier with a group. when I say to the couple, tell your folks to get a taxi and meet us at Alfresco's at 10:30 am for the wedding.If the bride is dressing at our office in Centennial Towers, West bay, then I will give her a lift over to the wedding site to meet her Groom, and in this case the rest of the family.

Lovely Bride, lovely day! This bride brought her own bouquet of silk flowers to match her blue themed wedding.

My new props, two small Starfish to hold the wedding rings! Given to me by a couple whose wedding I did last week, now many other couples get to enjoy them.

These photos were taken by Margot of Picture This.

Family group pictured after the wedding.

I encourage you to be involved with planning your special day. if you want to bring the flowers, bring the cake decorations, or special memento glasses, that's fine with me. I like my couples to go over the wedding vows and make sure they're happy with them. Once you have paid your deposit to book your date and time, I will send you a ceremony and work with you to personalise it. Call or email today to book your cruise wedding or vow renewal (345)5256551,