Smith's Cove Sparkles for Knoxville Couple

When this couple arrived we were having a downpour. We spent the morning bef0re the wedding going from site to site trying to figure out which location would work best. We even went and had a look at a very wet Hell! At last they settled on Smith's Cove, and we crossed our fingers that the rain would hold up and they would get a good sunset for their evening wedding.

This Tennessee bride was breathtakingly lovely... the camera loved her, and I just couldn't decide what photos to choose so I might have gone a bit overboard.

It's so good to share your day with a special sister!

"With this ring, I thee wed"...I don't really use these words, but you get the picture.

Cheers, and all the best to the newly-weds from the whole group.

The Bride and Groom with her parents and sister.

The Bride and Groom with his parents.

Because of the rainy afternoon this beautiful spot was virtually deserted.

The newly-weds pause of a final shot before heading off to their wedding dinner at the Reef Grill.
Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Cayman Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, photography by Marcos Montana. Call me to arrange your own Cayman Wedding today, (345)5256551 or email