Stunningly Lovely Bride Stars at Governor's Beach

This was one wedding I missed, since I have been away. However, when I saw the pictures I really wanted to post them. The wedding celebrant was my mother, Francine, the couple and their group were staying at the Westin, an easy walk down the beach to the Governor's.

The gorgeous bride was captured by Patrick Groleau, my cousin visiting from Maine who just happens to be a very good photographer, filling in for Marcus Montana who is away at the moment.
Girls day out, and the weather was fine despite the worries!

The ring exchange, with Francine Jackson officiating.

The newly-weds hold their Certified Marriage Certificate.

These wide beach shots were so good I just had to show them.

A little stroll on the sparkling pink sands.

There is a saying here that once you have got Cayman's sand between your toes you just have to come back to the islands.
One last shot, to give you a taste of the sunset, the water and the sand...a perfect backdrop for a lovely couple. My mom, who has officiated at almost 3000 weddings, said she enjoyed this one very much, so I know these were a very nice wishes for a long and happy married life!

Ceremony and arrangements by Francine Jackson of Cayman Weddings, flowers by Trishas Roses, images by Patrick Groleau.

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