Irish Humanitarians Wed at Governor's Grand Cayman

One of the things I like most about our new Simply Weddings office is its proximity to Seven Mile Beach and the different options this gives our couples for wedding locations.

Today's couple hail from County Cork, Ireland they were visiting on a cruise which included Jamaica and Mexico. One of the reasons they chose Grand Cayman for their Destination Wedding was the ease of getting married here.

I took them down to Governor's Beach, one of the widest and prettiest parts of Seven Mile Beach. That time of morning it was virtually deserted. As usual I am impressed by the sanitarians from the Department of Environmental Health who keep Cayman's public beaches so spic and span. Such a small thing, perhaps, but our visitors never fail to be impressed, and to say so. This couple had a some special witnesses, a couple of Cayman parrots. It gave me the opportunity to tell them that the Cayman parrot is unique to these islands, and also our National Bird.

This is the part of the ceremony where I talk about the wedding rings.

The Cayman Islands Marriage Law requires two witnesses to the marriage. If you are traveling as a couple, with no guests, we can supply
the witnesses. Just remember to let us know so we can make arrangements, because we have to
get witnesses to come out specially.

Posing with Joy for the traditional "proof" shot, ie a copy of the Marriage Register

A Civil Registrar of Marriages in the Cayman Islands is required to give each couple a certified copy of their signed Marriage Register. I don't have to give them a nice, pretty one like this, but I prefer to. Once I register your marriage with the Registrar General I am also required to send you your Registered Marriage Certificate, this is your legal Marriage Certificate and it is recognised world-wide. The cost of the Registered Marriage Certificate is included in all the wedding packages at "Simply Weddings". Likewise, the cost of the Special Marriage License is included in all our packages.

Sealed with a kiss!

The newly married couple pose under a sea-grape tree.

After this I took them back to George Town so they could enjoy a nice wedding brunch and explore the town, before rejoining their ship. I recommended Guy Harvey's Island Grill upstairs the Aquaworld Duty Free Mall and overlooking George Town's picturesque harbour, because I like the food and the ambience.

Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings, your choice for a simple, elegant, personalised wedding in the Cayman Islands. Flowers by Trisha's Roses. Pictures by my Olympus FE370, please note that these are snap-shots and not pictures by a professional photographer. Many of our packages provide photographs by our excellent wedding photographers, please ask.

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Valentine's Day in the Cayman Islands

The biggest day of the year for Marriage Officers is just one week away. February 14 is Valentine's Day, and it's a busy day for me with one Commitment Ceremony (25 years together), one wedding renewal ceremony, one Destination Wedding beach ceremony for a visiting couple, one cond0-beach wedding for a resident couple, and one wedding gazebo ceremony for a local couple.

The day as planned reflects our services very well, the thing they all have in common is that they have been booked weeks, if not months, in advance. This is not the day to try and have a spur-of the moment wedding!

Valentine's Day is very big in the Cayman Islands, and the florists will have hundreds of orders to fill. If you go into the offices in George Town you will see bouquets of red roses all over, as the ladies show off their tokens of love and affection. I hear that the in-thing for this Valentine's is a helicopter ride over the island, supposed to be breath-taking and affordable.

So, the champagne will be flowing...its a great day to be a marriage officer, and one thing for sure, your spouse will always be able to remember your anniversary!