Facebook Group for Simply Weddings Brides

Last week I attended mini-Engage 14, a part of #Engage14 the Luxury Wedding Summit held at the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman.  It made me consider that most brides planning a Destination Wedding naturally have some anxiety about having their special day far away from home, and sometimes, far away from family.

Facebook Group for Simply Weddings Brides

I wondered what I could do to make my Destination Brides feel more comfortable, and coincidentally, the same time I was thinking this, Facebook introduced the new Facebook Groups app!  So I created a closed group for past brides, present brides and future brides of Simply Weddings.  The only criteria for future brides being that your Cayman wedding must be booked with Simply Weddings before you can join the group.

On Cayman Weddings Brides I will let you in on the inside scoop of special events and offerings in the Cayman Islands, locations and other services, and best of all you can ask other brides the burning questions you need to know.  And photos! Photos! Other bride's are already sharing their photos and details of their wedding in Grand Cayman, some of which I am seeing for the first time.

I have been planning and officiating Cayman weddings for over 20 years, and Grand Cayman is my home.  Since founding my own company in 2008, I have officiated over 1300 weddings, as well as hundreds of Wedding Blessings, Re-commitment/Vow Renewal Ceremonies, and several Proposal events.  I specialize in Cruise Weddings on the beautiful beaches of Grand Cayman, including Seven Mile Beach, Smith's Cove, My Secret Cove and Surfer's Beach.

Whether big or small (just the bride and groom), our team will make sure you have a splendid day in Grand Cayman.  Please visit our Contact Us page, and let's start planning.