My Secret Cove was the Perfect Spot for these British Cruisers

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My readers will note that I have not been blogging much of late.  I am going to make a confession.  I don't like blogging on my PC, and it takes forever.  I don't like Windows 7 and I don't enjoy using it. There! So I finally bought an iMac and now I have to learn to use it properly, and hopefully I'll be able to blog frequently and finally catch up on all those beautiful pictures my photographers have been supplying me with.

If this works, I am eternally grateful to Ben and Mari of Beneficial Entertainment Ltd. who actually came and gave me a lesson in using photos with an iMac.

This British bride emailed me a few months ago to say that she would be in Cayman in January with her fiancé, and since her son works on a cruise ship he would be able to be their witness and bring a friend.  I thought that My Secret Cove would be the ideal spot for this small group, and it was really a brilliantly beautiful winter's day in Cayman.

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It really makes sense to choose my all-inclusive package when you are just a couple or a small group, then everything goes smoothly and you can relax and let me do all the arrangements (as well as the ceremony).

My Secret Cove was the Perfect Spot for these British Cruisers

We always have a lot of fun with the champagne and cork ceremony, and it makes for some pretty good candid shots too.  A wedding is supposed to be fun, I always say, and I am happy when I see the Bride and Groom's faces wreathed with smiles.

My Secret Cove was the Perfect Spot for these British Cruisers

Presentation of the cork, then I told them about the meaning of the cork, and why it's important as a souvenir of their wedding ceremony

My Secret Cove was the Perfect Spot for these British Cruisers

Now that I have got to the end of this particular post, I can't believe how much easier it is to blog.  I guess Ben Hudson is a really good teacher,and I do appreciate him taking the time to show me how to make this easier.

My Secret Cove for a Romantic Sunset Beach Wedding

There were a couple of things which were different about this wedding.  The bride brought her own planner, and they arrived a few days early and made most of their own arrangements.  This is an option that you have, although most brides just turn the planning over to our wedding co-ordinator, Peggy.  Whatever you choose to do, remember we live here and we co0rdinate  around 200 weddings and vow renewals every year, so we are familiar with all the vendors and can get you the best prices.

Joy presenting the Certificate of Marriage

Because My Secret Cove is near to the popular wedding spot, Smith's Cove, you usually have the option of having pictures taken in both locations.  Wedding photography on the rocks at Smith Cove, with a sunset back-drop are extraordinarily popular with stay-over visitors and residents.

This little ledge is about 10 feet above the water, and a great spot for pictures

Calla lilies are a very popular choice for a bridal bouquet

This bride remembered her garter,  you would be surprised how many brides just forget they are wearing one.

Sunset at Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

Enjoying a quiet moment at the end of a lovely evening

These pictures by Mari Abe, of Island Photo