My Secret Cove for a Romantic Sunset Beach Wedding

There were a couple of things which were different about this wedding.  The bride brought her own planner, and they arrived a few days early and made most of their own arrangements.  This is an option that you have, although most brides just turn the planning over to our wedding co-ordinator, Peggy.  Whatever you choose to do, remember we live here and we co0rdinate  around 200 weddings and vow renewals every year, so we are familiar with all the vendors and can get you the best prices.

Joy presenting the Certificate of Marriage

Because My Secret Cove is near to the popular wedding spot, Smith's Cove, you usually have the option of having pictures taken in both locations.  Wedding photography on the rocks at Smith Cove, with a sunset back-drop are extraordinarily popular with stay-over visitors and residents.

This little ledge is about 10 feet above the water, and a great spot for pictures

Calla lilies are a very popular choice for a bridal bouquet

This bride remembered her garter,  you would be surprised how many brides just forget they are wearing one.

Sunset at Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

Enjoying a quiet moment at the end of a lovely evening

These pictures by Mari Abe, of Island Photo

Welcome to my new website

Today I am going to learn how to post on my new website.  This has been a very busy week, and there are even more exciting weddings coming up next week.  I know my couples look forward to being featured on my blog, so that friends and family can see photographs of their special Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands. This was a stand-out week for many reasons, but chief among them is that I performed my 100th wedding ceremony for the year.

The biggest thing happening at Simply Weddings is of course, our new website which is being developed by Think Like A Bride.  I hope that our website will be very interactive, and that our readers will take the opportunity to ask us questions and make comments about having a wedding or a vow renewal in Grand Cayman.

Next week, on 12th August my husband Sam and I will celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  So as I do, with anything in my life, like my new website, I want to thank my husband for all  the happiness he has given me , and continues to give me for the last four decades.  Apart from that, he is an excellent professional witness, and driver and handyman and helps me in my business in a thousand ways. (You would never know he is an ex-university president!)

So, I hope you come back often and see all the things happening at Simply Weddings.  Just to preview,  next week you will see a wedding taken place at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park,  and yet another at the beach at the Pools, on the beautiful North Side of  Grand Cayman.

The Best of a Grand Cayman Cruise Wedding

It has been a very rainy week in Grand Cayman, but fortunately for this group from Louisiana the rain held off, and we were able to have near perfect weather conditions for their wedding.

One of the props, a starfish held the rings

This is such a perfect spot for a cruise wedding
Smith's Cove was deserted, so the photographer, Mari took full advantage of the variety of shots that she could achieve after the wedding ceremony was over.

The Groom was a good sport

What's a romantic Caribbean wedding without a palm tree?

Here are the ladies

Here are the guys

Here is the whole group

Why Grand Cayman is Perfect for Your Summer Cruise Wedding

School's out, and I see it reflected in how many weddings with kids included I've been doing recently. This family from Tulsa, Oklahoma were visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise-ship today with their four children and I took them to My Secret Cove for a simple, intimate and romantic ceremony.

The children listen attentively to the words of the ceremony
My Secret Cove is less than 2 miles from the cruise-ship landing, in George Town
I did the ceremony shortly after 9:30 am which gave the family lots of time to explore our capital city, and maybe even take a quick run down to "Hell" to get their post-cards stamped, "Hell. Grand Cayman". Since you are not usually due back on the ship until 3pm, you have lots of time for a shore-based activity, either on your own or as part of a pre-booked tour.
"You may give your wife a big hug and a kiss"
While none of the kids were old enough to be an official "witness", if you let us know, we can provide the two witnesses over 18 years of age which is required by law.

This is the "proof" shot to share with all their friends
Don't you just love how they were all colour coordinated?
The kids enjoyed looking for crabs and other sea-creatures in among the rocks
Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners are kid- friendly. We look for ways to involve children in the ceremony if this is something the child and parents are comfortable with.
Here are the Top Five Reasons to Chose Us for your Cayman Summer Wedding
  1. We provide transportation for most wedding and vow renewal packages
  2. Air-conditioned dressing rooms to get out of the heat and dress for the ceremony (less than a mile from the cruise landing, overlooking the water)
  3. We provide witnesses as required
  4. We provide the best value for money of all our competitors
  5. We are the most experienced, and leading providers of cruise wedding services in Grand Cayman.
Visit our Facebook pages "Grand Cayman Beach Weddings" and "Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman" to see what our satisfied customers have to say. Call Joy or Peggy today (345) to book your own Grand Cayman cruise wedding or email us at

Grand Cayman Wedding Blessing for Indiana Couple & family

Thanks to this couple from Greenfield, Indiana for sending me some pictures of their Wedding Blessing held in Grand Cayman last week. I am always happy to feature your wedding on this blog, and if I don't have the pictures, and you send me some, then I really appreciate it.

I like this shot with the cruise-ships lined up in George Town harbour
This couple have been married for 9 months and took the opportunity of their recent cruise, accompanied by family members, to have a Wedding Blessing Ceremony here in Grand Cayman.
I will do a Wedding Blessing Ceremony for couples who have been married two years or less, if married longer then I usually do a Wedding Vow Renewal ceremony.
A Wedding Blessing Ceremony has virtually the same structure as a wedding ceremony, including readings, and a blessing if you would like one. Some couples chose non-traditional blessings suck as the Cherokee Wedding Blessing, or the Apache Wedding Blessing while some couples just ask for a prayer.
The bride's daughter is wearing a pendant and chain which her new step-father presented to her during a special part of the ceremony.
One of the things I enjoy about my practice as a Civil Registrar of Marriages is the opportunity to be creative, and to allow couples to personalize their wedding, wedding blessing or vow renewal in ways that reflect what is important to them. In this ceremony, the Groom also made certain promises to the Bride's daughter, including her in their special day and setting the tone for the creation of this new family. This little girl is likely to carry a very happy memory of this day into her own life, and her future relationships.

Posing with the whole group

It is becoming very popular to make your cruise wedding, wedding blessing or vow renewal a family affair by including family members who can share in the fun, and also sign as witnesses.
Both a Wedding Blessing and a Vow Renewal include a decorative certificate we give to you as a souvenir. However, since this is not a legal certificate, a child can sign as a witness.
Posed shot on Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a popular stop for cruise-ships in the Western Caribbean. As one of the easiest ports to be married in (you can be married the same day you arrive) it is becoming very popular for cruise-ship weddings on our beautiful beaches.
My family has been officiating weddings in Cayman for more than 26 years, both my mother and father are Marriage Officers. Simply Weddings, is an independent Caymanian owned and operated company specializing in cruise, stayover and resident weddings in the Cayman Islands. We are a member of the Association for Wedding Professionals International and we work to their Code of Ethics. Please contact us on our Facebook pages, " Grand Cayman Beach Weddings" or "Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners" or see our Grand Cayman Wedding Packages here
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