Wedding Blessing Ceremony with Simply Weddings

Wedding Blessing

A “Wedding Blessing” is a symbolic  ceremony which takes place  AFTER a couple have been legally married in another jurisdiction.

In order to have a Wedding Blessing with Simply Weddings you must provide proof that  you are already legally married.  Our Marriage Law specifically prohibits “sham marriages”.  You cannot come to the Cayman Islands and  have a “pretend” wedding or go through any other wedding charade.

We will perform a Wedding Blessing for couples who have been married between  two weeks and two years.  After that, we suggest you have a wedding Vow Renewal.

Many couples have a civil wedding  in which they complete the legalities of  a marriage.  However, they still want the opportunity  to “plight their troth” in their own words, with a certain amount of emotion, often in the traditional words,  with rings, flowers and champagne and of course lots of pictures.

We find Wedding Blessings are particularly popular with our cruise guests.  Often these couples bring their close friends and family, and in these cases we will put together a special, and meaningful ceremony which can include individuals in the group taking part.

We do many ceremonies to involve parents  and grandparents, children , and you can even have a part of the ceremony dedicated to loved ones who have passed on.

Working  with the couple we design a ceremony which is personal, unique to them and which can be whatever they want.

We like to think we are a very children friendly company ( we have five small grand-children  now) and so we look for ways to involve children whether they are present or not.

One of the ways we involve children is to have the couple create a  “Family Memory Vase”  using coloured sand.  This then becomes a treasured souvenir which can be added to at subsequent anniversaries and family trips.

For smaller children we keep a supply of small presents which they can take home to show their friends and teachers.


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